"I have worked with Valley Sign for years. We use all there services from blank signs to complete finished products. There skill in sign industry is exceptional. I have been in the sign business for 33 years to date and I highly recommend this business."

"Valley Sign has been our supplier for sandblasted signs for over 22 years and the have never done any thing less than top quality work. Always a great team willing to help get the job done right and make projects profitable."

  • HDU is a synthetic sign making material that we can use to make our sandblast carved signs.
  • Made using only premium Sign Foam 4 brand material​.
  • Lightweight, yet remarkably strong and stable.
  • Completely waterproof with its closed cell technology construction.
  • ​A "GREEN" product....each sheet of material is partially made from recycled water bottles.  

Stone/Pebble blast pattern

"These folks are extremely friendly and do an AMAZING job on signs. Need a sign??? GO HERE....trust me......you wont be disappointed"

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"I rely on Valley Sign for all our sandblasted sign projects. They consistently produce beautiful signs and my customers have been thrilled with the end results."

Sandblast carved HDU signs can have two different styles of blast pattern in the

background, resulting in a more versatility for the finished look of the sign


​* High Density Urethane

Our reviews say it all.....

"Demonstrated to us on our very first order that their craftsmanship is of an unusually high standard!"

  • Another advantage is our wood signs are made using only old-growth Western Red Cedar. Old-growth ​wood is much stronger, more durable and longer lasting compared to new growth wood.  

  • ​This photo shows the difference between new growth and old growth wood. The new growth wood only has 16 growth rings where the old growth has 60. The growth rings are what gives the wood its strength and stability. 

Offering signs of all kinds....specializing in sandblasted & carved signs   

"Valley Sign has manufactured quality sandblasted cedar signs with on time completion to my shop for many years. I’d highly recommend them to anyone!

  • HDU is available in a variety of thicknesses and densities, meaning it can meet the needs of almost any project. 
  • Holds up well in extreme environments, formulated to withstand temperatures from −30° F to 220°F
  • Won't warp, twist, rot, swell or decompose over time.  ​
  • ​It is impermeable by water and moisture and is unaffected by high-salt environments

  • We offer our premium sandblast carved signs in two material options:
    • Western Red Cedar
    • ​High Density Urethane (HDU)

  • Available in almost any size, no project too big or too small. Nationwide shipping available too! 

  • Can be painted and/or stained in a variety of different colors to get the look you want.

  • Custom design service available. Give us your ideas and our design team will wow you with our creativity and bring your project to life.



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Wood Grain blast pattern

"Beautiful work! But, just as important, responsive and communicative. They even sent pictures during the process. Competitive prices and turnaround time."

"Their work is consistently timely, their customer service has always been professional. We, as well as our customers, are impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of each sign and we'd highly recommend them!" 

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​​Over the last 35 years, we have mastered and perfected the art of sandblast carved signs.

Our experience and expert craftsmanship results in the highest quality signs you can find anywhere. Your project deserves the best.....and Valley Sign is the one to trust!

Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact.

We’re honored to have reforestation through One Tree Planted as an integral part of our business model. 

Be apart of the effort by ordering your wood sign from us.

  • Our wood is custom cut to reveal as much vertical grain as possible, resulting in amazing grain texture in the sandblasted background.
  • We use 1 3/4" thick material, which is 16% thicker than other shops use. Another reason why our signs last longer! 
  • Another great benefit of wood signs is they can be refurbished. If the sign starts to show it's age, it can be cleaned, repaired and refinished. Giving you a new looking sign again! 

Our wood signs have an average life expectancy of 20 - 40 years!  

  • Each sign we make is handcrafted and the natural ​beauty of the wood truly shines in the finished product.
  • We use the right combination of products on our signs that allows them to be protected from the elements, while still maintaining their natural beauty and rustic charm.
  • We only use air-dried wood, not kiln-dried wood. The kiln drying process weakens the wood by forcibly drying it in a heated environment. Air-dried wood is done naturally, over many years. Resulting in much stronger, more durable, longer lasting wood.